As VakTok does not charge users for access to its fundamental features and does not operate on a subscription-based model, our refund policy is straightforward:

Non-Monetized Services:

VakTok does not charge users for basic functionalities or content creation within the app. Hence, there are no refunds applicable for services that are not monetized or subscription-based.

No Refunds for In-app Purchases:

Any in-app purchases made by users, such as virtual currency (VakTok Coins), once initiated and completed, are non-refundable.

Technical Issues or Errors:

In the rare event of technical errors or payment discrepancies related to in-app purchases, users can contact our support team for investigation and resolution. Any refund decisions will be made at VakTok's discretion based on the circumstances.

Refunds and Withdrawals:

Refunds for in-app purchases or VakTok Coins are not applicable as per our policy. However, users can utilize VakTok Coins for engagement and interaction within the platform as outlined in the app guidelines.

Customer Support:

For any concerns or inquiries related to in-app purchases, VakTok Coins, or refund-related issues, users can contact our customer support team for assistance.

VakTok aims to ensure a satisfactory user experience. We encourage users to reach out to our support team for any assistance or inquiries regarding in-app purchases or refund-related matters within the VakTok application.

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